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A Mixed Reality Adventure Game


"A mixed reality game in which kids use familiar hands-on activities to navigate fun digital adventures."




Create a mobile-based experience that aligns with the way young kids (5-7) naturally play.

We used mixed reality technologies to bring familiar, hands-on activities together with game play that encourages exploration, imagination and problem solving.

A mixed reality game in which kids use puppetry, cards and colouring to navigate an interactive adventure filled with interesting characters to help and fun puzzles to solve.


Interactions Demo

Gameplay Demo




Gesture based interactions to help build motor skills and encourage hands-on play.

Puzzle solving gameplay that includes physical gestures like pulling, picking up, and rotating.

Wordless, narrative driven levels for kids to follow along and interpret themselves. To suit a variety of language and reading skills.

Open gameplay with no score keeping, timing or competition to encourage exploration and discovery.

Ability to incorporate additional hands-on activities like card play, colouring and journals to encourage further off-screen play.

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