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A New Way to

Tell Stories


"Using cards and digital gameplay to inspire reading and storytelling"




Design a fun and engaging way for young readers (ages 5-7) to participate in the storytelling process.

Inspired by the fun of storytelling card games, we developed a branching narrative system that can be triggered by augmented reality based interactions.

AR Story Cards: a mixed reality storytelling game where kids unfold funny and surprising stories by holding cards up to a mobile device.

Each card opens up a new story path creating endless stories to be discovered.

Cards can also contain various information like state-changes and various emotional states, inventory, puzzles, and more - adding even more interactivity and fun to storytelling experiences. 



Encourages kids to be active participants in storytelling.

Cards give kids an intuitive way to control how their stories unfold.

Dynamic digital content piques curiosity and encourages replayability.

Content branching system allows for a limited set of cards to create many stories.

Intuitive content on-boarding makes it easy to add more storylines.

Are you a content creator trying to engage kids?

Help us create some amazing interactive stories!

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