Take Rubu for a spin.

We believe we’re on our way to making engaging and helpful therapy tools, and we’re looking for your help to get us there! 


Last year we built a game called Rubu Adventures, where kids use a puppet controller to guide a young robot through space to discover curious new characters and solve interesting puzzles. 


We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback from the special needs community and it’s given us a lot of ideas of how to turn this into a fun and helpful tool! So if you work with children who have autism or other special needs, we’d love for you to take Rubu for a spin. It’s free!

How you can help

Try Rubu with the kids you work with.

We’d love to hear what you think.

Share with colleagues and friends!


Here's what you'll get

  • Free access to Rubu Adventures beta with 4 demo levels to explore

  • Printable Rubu controller pdf so you can make as many controllers as needed (a fun crafting activity!)

  • Access to additional activities and new features

Note: Currently built for iPads but reach out if you have another device

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