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Bringing together the best of hands-on play and digital play.


What we do.

Gepeto applies and develops new technologies that bring together the best of hands-on play and digital play. We create fun experiences that not only engage kids, but also pique curiosity, empower imagination and remove barriers to creativity.


In our rapidly changing digital landscape, kids are spending a lot more time on digital devices. We believe these devices don't have to negatively impact kids, but can instead engage them in ways that promote learning and creativity in fun ways.

Our Approach.

Healthy Game Design





Positive Digital Play

Healthy Game Design.

Game design can be effectively  used to immerse kids in fantastic interactive worlds. Kids can be challenged to solve problems and have fun learning as they explore.

Tactile Interactions.

Tactile, hands-on interactions encourage kids to tinker, express themselves intuitively, and very naturally leads to imaginative play.

Together in Harmony.

Now, using new technologies, such as computer vision and augmented reality, we have the ability to tap into the best of both these worlds. This is the future of play.

How can we help?

Our team can help you design and build positively engaging mobile experiences for kids from beginning to end.

Strategy + Research

Ideation + Design

Build + Prototype